Often dinner prep is a one-armed ordeal

At Home

My home kitchen is my favorite place in the world. It's where I test new recipes, feed my family and entertain friends. It's the heart of our little Chicago condo on Catalpa Avenue.

It's a core value in our home to sit together at mealtime and provide well-balanced, fresh and flavorful food for my family. That said, I have two very picky sons and a very busy husband, which can make mealtime challenging.

That whole, "Cook with your kids and they'll eat it" theory unfortunately is debunked by my kids (as are MANY parenting theories, unfortunately). But I persevere, and find new ways to present their four favorites: chicken, pork, pasta and steak. I make it work, because I believe it's important. And from time to time, I feed the kids early and prepare something special for my non-picky eater: my husband. It's date night, at home, usually followed by a Netflix binge.

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