Every Party Has A Story

Entertaining is in my blood. From the time I could afford it, I was hosting showers, parties, dinners, etc., for friends. This is how I perfected my craft and how I ultimately built RR4 Catering.

I love the creative collaboration of catering. Working with clients on menus, decor, the little touches that make it personal. But what I appreciate more and more are the stories behind the parties I have the honor to cater.

Over the summer, RR4 catered several parties that had wonderful stories behind them. Being a part of such special celebrations, and being able to watch people enjoy themselves among family and friends is such a pleasure.

This past spring, I had the honor of catering two "miracle girls" first birthday party. When my client called asking for a "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" theme party for her one-year-old twin girls, I jumped at the chance. The hosts explained while a party of 70+ might sound extravagant for a first birthday, it was really a thank you celebration to all the friends and family that supported them during the first 6 months of the girls' lives.

Turns out, the girls were born at 26 weeks. Amazing, right? After more than 90 days in the NICU, they came home healthy and happy. The birthday celebration was a big, giant thank you to all the medical staff, friends, family and co-workers who helped my clients during such a difficult time. When the parents thanked everyone just before the cake cutting, there was not a dry eye in the room (including the caterer).

This is what makes our job so amazing.

Every party has a story. That's just one. Now, here's the menu:


BLT Sliders: Homemade biscuits, hickory smoked bacon, arugula, tomatoes and spicy avocado-mayo.

Zesty. warm and delicious.

Star Bright Quiche: Mini sausage, spinach and mushroom quiche with twinkle star pastry on top.

Mini size. BIG flavor.

Mint and Lime Star Fruit Skewers: Skewers of fresh star fruit, blackberries, strawberries and honeydew with a mint-lime simple syrup.

Close up on the cuteness.   

Mini Granola Parfaits: Homemade granola with almonds, cashews, dried apricots and cherries, with local honey and creamy Greek yogurt.

Mini mason jars granola parfait.

N/A Twinkle Mimoas: Fresh-squeezed orange juice with sparkling lime soda.

Never has an N/A beverage been so fun to drink.

Bagels and Bananna Bread: Assorted bagels with cream cheese, and warm, homemade banana-walnut bread.